Neil Wise

     Taste in music, like wine, is in the realm of the beholder.. from rapturous love to ho-hum to complete abhorrence.  A wine taster will describe the appearance, aroma, and finish and be able to identify the subtle tastes of a small region in a particular country on the other side of the earth. 

     The music of Neil Wise has evolved over many years of subtle influences that come from living in an isolated part of the world.  Craving influences from within and without, Australian music & culture has always been a melting pot of its immigrant and convict origins and the blend of British and American inputs over many years. 

     Together with his typical positive Australian outlook, Neil Wise reflects this unique heritage in his lyrical stories and instantly engaging melodies.  Familiar yet unique, his songs contain a blend of the soil in which his music grew.. the wind and the sun, and an irreverent view of the world beyond his island home. 

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Neil Wise

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