Across the Frisco Bay we found (Part 2)

Hey folks,

Long time no speak but the world at large can be a little overwhelmingly demanding & can lead to bad habits & evil ways.  But enough of my good qualities back to the story.  I have now been twice to the Golden Gate City & am firmly of the opinion that a bicycle ride around the Bay is a must do.  It is a popular past-time & filled with riders of all dimensions & denominations, from road-bikes to tandems & trailers, with joggers & walkers all mesmerised by the views of Alcatraz or the Bridges, Sausalito or Oaklands.   It is mostly flat with a couple of short hills that require a bit of effort or a walk but certainly not beyond most average folks.

Picking the weather is always the key in most activities but certainly in SFC it is a key component, be it the fog or the sea-breeze but getting a nice day is an advantage.  If you decide on the Golden Gate Bridge route you will be rewarded with a breath-taking view of San Fran or out to the Pacific, but keep pedalling along & you can roll into the Mill Valley, Sausalito area which is a different feel again.  It is an extremely rich in good folks & vibes & the community is one with plenty to explore.  I found my first real coffee in the USA (a must for Melburnians stranded without real expresso for too long) & a wealth of connections & very few degrees of separation.  When you find it has hosted artists, musicians & great thinkers over the years, combined with glory of Muir's Forest.  I was so inspired i eventually wrote a song "Sausalito Slowdown" to describe the feeling.  It is my tribute to the Dock of the Bay!  Enjoy